Junior ReiMUN Agenda

Security Council

Both Security Council topics will be debated with standard debate procedure. Delegates should, however, prepare clauses in advance and not whole resolutions. These will be debated separately; for each topic, the clauses that pass will be included in the resolution voted on by the Council.

Topic 1 The question of the security risks posed by climate change
Topic 2 The question of outside intervention in national elections

General Assembly

General Assembly committees will debate a Motion. They will also debate resolutions on a Main Topic. Resolutions for the Main Topic will be written on the day of the conference. Delegates should not prepare resolutions in advance but should have researched the topic and the position of the country they are representing. The General Assembly will meet in plenary session in the afternoon to debate one resolution passed by a committee.

GA1 – Disarmament and International Security

Motion “All member states should surrender any Weapons of Mass Destruction.”
Main Topic The question of the use of drone attacks

GA2 – Economic and Financial

Motion “All member states should ensure that their populations receive equal pay for work of equal value.”
Main Topic The question of planning and preparing for natural disasters

GA3 – Social, Cultural and Humanitarian

Motion “All member states should ensure that prisoners have the right to vote.”
Main Topic The question of reducing the impact of future pandemics

GA4 – Special Political and Decolonisation

Motion “All member states should allow refugees to settle in a country of their choosing.”
Main Topic The question of youth participation in politics