Recommended Research Links

This page contains a list of important research links and will be updated closer to ReiMUN.

ReiMUN Preparation Guide

This guide is aimed at all delegates coming to ReiMUN. It comprehensively covers preparing for ReiMUN specifically, from doing research to writing resolutions.

Coming soon!

My First Conference

This guide is aimed at new delegates about to attend their first conference. It covers the basics of preparation and debate procedure.

Download PDF [535 kB]

My First Resolution

This guide is aimed at delegates about to write their first resolution. It describes how to write a resolution, how to lobby effectively, and how to get your resolution passed by a committee.

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ReiMUN Resolution Collection

This contains resolutions on a variety of topics that were submitted by RGS delegates at conferences in recent years. It provides examples of the style resolutions should adopt.

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The ReiMUN Chairing Manual

This guide is aimed at those who are going to chair at a conference. It serves both as an introduction to chairing and as a reference guide for chairs.

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