ReiMUN 23 Student Officers

Please note all positions are subject to amendment and some are yet to be decided.


Secretaries-General Louis Chambers and Malvika Santosh
President of the General Assembly Lucia Dunn-Flores
Deputy President of the General Assembly

Lauren Purves

GA1 – DISEC (Disarmament and International Security)

Head Chair Lauren Purves (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Aszvin Mariathasan (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Lily Phillips (Benenden)

GA2 – ECOFIN (Economic and Financial)

Head Chair David Hamer (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Piya Patel (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Ella Jones (Royal Russel)

GA3 – SOCHUM (Social Humanitarian and Cultural)

Head Chair Max Sutton-Parker (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Eliza Clift-Millar
(Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair

Grace Keyes (Gordon’s School)

GA4 – SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonisation)

Head Chair Abbie Byrne (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Tom Clarke (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Aaron Bigord (Royal Russell)

GA6 – Legal

Head Chair Harry Armstrong (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Sarah Telford (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair JJ Stewart (Reigate Grammar)

Human Rights Commission

Head Chair Ved Nathwani (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy Chair Krishne Thevarajah (Reigate Grammar)

Security Council

President Charlie Hayles (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy President Teodora Tolmar (External)

Historical Security Council: Year 1962

President Lucia Dunn-Flores (Reigate Grammar)
Deputy President Dionne Scougul (Royal Russell)

Other roles

Heads of Admin Cici Xia and Ethan Beech
Head of Press Lavinia Bird
Deputy Head of Press Issy Graham
Head of IT Alex Cox
Heads of Printing Juliet Anderson and Rosie Spindlove
Approval Panel TBC