Reigate Grammar School offers MUN for pupils of all ages, from Year 7 to the Upper Sixth.

MUN Sessions

MUN sessions take place at lunchtimes and after school, and are run by Sixth Form students, aided by members of staff. Sessions are focussed on preparing for upcoming conferences, and include practice debates, public-speaking workshops, and training in research and resolution-writing.

Currently, we offer lunchtime sessions for junior students on Wednesday lunchtimes, and hour long senior debates after-school also on Wednesdays.


Each year, we attend eight or more conferences, at RGS and at other schools. For the 2017–2018 academic year we will attend:

  • Reigate MUN, at RGS on the 22nd September. This is intended for all year groups.
  • Royal Russell MUN, in Croydon from the 21st to the 24th October. This is intended for experienced Fifth and Sixth Formers.
  • MUNISH, at the International School of the Hague from the 3rd November to the 5th November. This is intended for Fourth Form and above, of any level of experience.
  • CROYMUN, in Croydon on the 18th November. This is intended for Third and Fourth Formers.
  • London Oratory MUN, in Hammersmith on the 25th November. This is intended for Fifth and Sixth Formers
  • John Warner MUN, in Hertfordshire on the 3rd February. This is intended for less experienced students from all year groups.
  • Haileybury MUN, in Hertfordshire from the 23rd March to the 25th March. This is intended for experienced Fourth Form and above, and is the largest conference in the UK.
  • Junior ReiMUN, at RGS on the 12th May. This is intended for First and Second Formers, and less experienced Third Formers.

Students who have an interest in law may apply to the International Court of Justice at Royal Russell and MUNISH. Students who have an interest in journalism may apply to the Press Team at Reigate MUN, MUNISH, and Junior ReiMUN.